As we enter our 94th  year in manufacturing domestically made BRAIDED RUGS here in NEW ENGLAND , I personally would like to invite you to browse through our website to view the many styles , sizes ,  shapes and color designs. To view how a particular rug will look in various room settings, select our "RoomSim" option. Choose and insert the product(s) of your choice and this should help you visualize the appropriate selection for you home.

BRAIDED RUGS basically are produced in three (3) constructions:

1)  Tubular (least expensive)             2)  Yarn Flat Braid (most common )   

 3) Fabric Flat Braid , ( most authentic replication of a Hand Made rug)

Most yarn flat braided rugs are made from surplus and off grade inventories, which has a direct effect on long term performance and matching  color designs to samples being used in the selection process. Added to these concerns is the frequent complaint of "pilling" and  broken stitching, as most manufactures use mono-filament  thread (fishing line) which when broken , unravels easily. Yarn constructed braided rugs also contain a filler. With some, a non-woven paper fabric is used, which during the cleaning process will shrink and flatten. The other option is to use waste yarns from any source and again during the cleaning process, poorly dyed yarns will bleed to the surface.

WE at THORNDIKE only produce two constructions, our CLASSIC and SIGNATURE collection , as explained within our web site.

Our Classic Collection is our quality version of a Yarn Flat Braid. This collection is made from ONLY 1st quality materials, produced to our specifications, thus ensuring consistant quality and color design control. The filler used is 100% natural polyester which provides excellent resiliency, and with no chance of bleeding colors to reach the surface. The sewing thread is 100% Spun Polyester ( shoe strength grade) which will withstand the toughest daily use.  We also color coordinate the thread to the basic background of the specific coloration.

Our Signature Collection  is our "Unique"  Fabric Flat Braid construction. It is constructed of 100% Wool Blend fabric (65% wool/35% nylon) with no filler. The sewing thread used is the same as in our Classic collection. This is the finest braid made in America and no one else, domestic or foreign  produces this level of quality. This collection is the closest replication to a Hand Made Braided Rug.

Once you have made your selection, we strongly recommend the use of a quality non-skid underlayment, such as our WunderGrip or equal product. By  using this, it will  keep the rug from moving, protect your floor and the backside of the rug from abrasive wear that could compromise the stitching   

Sample swatches are available either on line or you may visit the dealer of your choice to view the samples in store

I believe  I have given you some helpful direction  and hope that THORNDIKE MILLS will be able to fulfill your braided rug needs.

If you have any specific questions or needs, please feel free to reach out to us via the Contact Us selection in this web site.


Mitchell Garabedian



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