Cloth Vs. Yarn Braided Rugs

If you have a hard time deciding between a yarn braided rug and a cloth braided rug, this article is for you! We’ll give a brief introduction to the pros and cons of both types of rugs, as well as compare their durability.

The pros of choosing a yarn braided rug are that they’re soft on your feet because it acts as a pile inside carpeting. They’re also less expensive than cloth rugs, which can be more durable in certain situations – for example, if you have kids or pets who tend to roughhouse around the house.


Yarn Braided Rugs are the most common type of braided rug you will find available commercially; the manufacturing process begins with YARN. YARN is produced in various fibers such as cotton and wool, or synthetics, such as acrylic or polypropylene. But, no matter what the fiber is, a YARN Braided Rug will be wrapped around filler (a core) before being braided into a rug.

The use of filler in a braided rug is necessary, and acceptable, as long as it does not affect the long-term performance of the rug. Its primary reason is to reduce the cost of the rug while giving it a feeling of value and substance.

One needs to be concerned about what the filler is made of. Many competitive companies use paper, reprocessed or inferior materials because of the cost factor.

Having a rug filled with inferior materials will result in unsatisfactory performance during its use and most definitely once it has been subjected to deep cleaning by a professional rug cleaning company.

Thorndike Mills uses only the best filler, which is a blend of natural pre-shrunk cotton and synthetic fibers. This will assure you confidence, that you won’t have to worry about filler shrinkage causing your rug to buckle or colored dyes that could bleed through to the surface from within.


During Colonial times, very little went to waste, and a second use for outgrown or worn-out clothing was to turn them into floor coverings for the cold wood floors. The old garments were cut into strips….the strips were hand folded and then braided. These braids were then hand laced into braided rugs of various sizes.

Today, Thorndike is the only commercial manufacturer to produce a finished product that is a true reproduction of an authentic hand-made braided rug. The fabrics used are reminiscent of clothing that might have been worn at one time or another, which gives each rug so much charm.

When Cloth Braided Rugs are handcrafted they can have a substantial quality, and be a true piece of art for your floor.

pros and cons of both types of rugs


  • Pros: Soft on the feet, good price, easy to clean. They tend to be more stain-resistant than cloth rugs, but you can get them cleaned professionally to remove any tough stains.
  • Cons: If a yarn rug is not properly maintained, it can become misshapen or even broken. You would have to take it to a professional cleaning company or hire a professional if you want to clean it yourself.


  • Pros: Durable and long-lasting material, easy to clean. These durable rugs have a wool foundation under the braiding and therefore tend to be more stain-resistant than most woven rugs. **Cloth Braided Rugs are handcrafted, unlike Yarn Braided Rugs which are normally
  • Cons: Not as durable as a cloth braided rug. Even though that cloth is sturdy, it could still be susceptible to staining if not cared for properly.

Both yarns braided and cloth braided rugs are extremely affordable. If you like the look of a high-end woven rug you could go that route instead of yarn or cloth braided one, but they will still be affordable and durable enough for everyday use.

On which areas are each braided rugs more useful?

Depending on the use you are thinking of giving to your next braided rug, you will be completely satisfied with either a yarn braided rug or a cloth braided rug.
For example, cloth braided rugs might be more suitable for areas or rooms like dining rooms, living rooms, formal areas, etc.
As to the yarn braided rug, they would be more suitable for the kitchen or any other area that is more dynamic and used more frequently.

Another important thing to remember is that a professional cleaning company can easily deep clean both kinds of braided rugs. That will help you keep them not only looking beautiful and new but will also extend their life span.

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