FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Q Do you offer accessory items to co-ordinate with your braids?
A Yes, we also manufacture runners, chair pads and stair treads.
Q Can colors be removed or added to the multi colored braids?
A No, the reason being that the colors change seamlessly be it the yarn or cloth in the pre-braiding stage.
Q Can I create my own custom colors?
A Designers at the mill have created a wide range of colorways to satisfy customers' needs.  They created spicy shades of gold and brown for warmth, blues and greens for a peaceful mood, and pastel shades in the chenille line.  In a rug that has a  pattern design, we can delete color band(s) completely and/or replace with band of the same quality to meet our customers needs for a custom design color.  However, rugs that are multi-colored mixed cannot be altered. 
Q Do you offer solid color rugs?
A Yes, if the sample has solid color bands, we can make a rug using only the solid color braids.
Q How close will my rug be to the sample that I ordered from?
A Since all of our raw materials are made to our specifications, we can guarantee that your rug will be commercially matched to the store sample.  Color shades can vary between dye lots.
Q Are your rugs hand made?
A No, but our rugs are considered handcrafted.  Even though our rugs are machine made, this is not an automated process.  We take pride that in all stages of our manufacturing, we are hands-on to ensure a finished product that is of the highest quality available.  Our stitchers are true craftspeople at heart.  Also it is important to understand, unique to Thorndike is our cloth braided rugs, which are the only commercially manufactured braided rug to resemble a true hand made product.
Q If you claim that Beacon Hill and Minuteman are the best quality braided rugs on the market, why can another rug with a higher wool content be priced less?
A Because our Beacon Hill and Minuteman are braids made from CLOTH. If you find braided rugs with a higher wool content and lower price, it is made from yarn. Yarn costs less than cloth and braids made from yarn contain filler.
Q What shapes are the braided rugs made in?
A All of our rugs are made oval and round; selected styles are made octagon and elongated octagon.
Q How do I determine what size to order?
A A good idea is to create a template out of newspapers to cover the area where you want to place the rug.  This way you can see how much floor area you want covered.  Once you decide, measure your template.  If you are using your rug underneath a dining room table, add two feet extra all around the table, so that all occupied chairs remain on the rug.
Q What is the largest size braided rug the mill can make?
A Rugs can be made up to 15x20 oval, 20x20 round and runners up to 18 feet.
Q How long does it take to receive a custom sized rug?
A Since almost half of our production is devoted to custom sizes, these do not take any longer to receive than our standard sized rugs.
Q Is there a warranty on your rugs?
A We have a one year warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing defects.
Q What is the proper way to install stair treads?
A Non-skid padding should be used under each stair tread.  Use carpet tacks to fasten the tread to the stairs.  Place three tacks in the center of the stair tread and then place four more - one on each side of the tread.  If one feels it still moves, more can be tacked as needed.
Q Do the chair pads come with ties?
A No, as we find that over time the ties eventually pull apart the braid.  We recommend the use of non-skid padding under the chairpad to prevent slipping.
Q Why is padding so important?
A First, padding keeps the rug from slipping.  Second, since braided rugs are reversible, padding keeps the underside clean.  Third, padding protects your floors underneath.  Most important, padding will lessen the tension on the stitching; reducing the possibility of breakage from abrasive wear and from walking or movement of furniture.
Q If I'm putting my braided rug under a dining room table, do I still need padding?
A Yes.  The back and forth movement of the chairs creates tension on the stitching.
Q How do I care for my new braided rug?

All of our rugs have care and cleaning information on the label.  Maintenance of a Thorndike rug is very simple. We recommend regular vacuuming with an upright beater bar vacuum.  If there are no animals in the house, you can use a mild solution of ammonia and water for spot cleaning.    For deep cleaning, we recommend steam extraction by a certified carpet-cleaning company.

For spot cleaning we recommend a commercial product called Capture.

Q Do you repair older braided rugs?
A No.  We recommend asking a dry cleaner or rug cleaning company in your area for help.  The rug should be cleaned before being repaired, and often times these companies either do repairs themselves, or can refer you to someone in your area.
Q How long will my braided rug last?
A Our rugs are designed to give many years of satisfactory service, but it is relative to use, abuse and maintenance. Depending on the care given to your rug, it could last as long as thirty years.
Q Will my braided rug come apart?
A A braided rug is as strong and durable as the thread it is sewn together with.  We use the highest quality thread available.  The thread is a heavy cotton wrapped spun polyester thread, similar to the thread used to manufacture high quality footwear.  We use a lock stitch process to sew the braids together so that if one stitch should break, the thread will still secure the braids.  
Q If I have animals, will the stitching hold up?
A The thread we use and the lock stitch method insures extra durability.  However, if a pet claws at the stitching or is abusive to the rug, the thread will eventually be pulled, causing the stitches to come apart.  This is not covered under warranty.
Q How do I remove the label from my braided rug?
A Using a small pair of scissors, carefully snip the zig zag threads stitched along the top of the label.  These are not threads that join the rows of braids together.  Snip the threads all across the top of the label, and pull out the loose pieces of thread on both sides of the rug.
Q Can I order a braided rug directly from the factory?
A Orders are only accepted from qualified dealers.  Please search by YOUR ZIP CODE for a dealer near you who carries our first quality and complete lines.  If you live in a state where there is no retailer near you, please contact any one of the catalog or internet dealers listed.



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