American Braided Rugs

Nowadays, decoration doesn’t confine to thinking back to Colonial times and manufacturing reproductions that only fit with Early American or Colonial décor. (That’s old school.) The many braided rug colors and styles offered in America these days will enhance and complement many decors, from Craftsman, Country Cottage, Beach House, Traditional and eclectic decorating styles. Oh, the possibilities.

The days of identifying your first Sunday suit or your Dad’s winter overcoat in the braided rug you walk on are fleeting. And certainly, most of today’s Moms and grandmothers don’t have the time to strip fabric and …


Top 10 world’s most expensive carpets

The ideal rug can transform the look of the home in the blink of an eye. Hence the importance of choosing a rug with rigor, quality, and comfort. This is the first item that guests will notice in a visit. Featured in this selection are the 10 most expensive rugs in the world.

The 10 most expensive carpets in the world together are valued at more than 5 million dollars. Only one of them is worth a large part of this amount, the five-hundred-year-old Persian carpets Isfahan, handmade in pure silk. This rug occupies the …